Thoughts on the history of media and the digital wave

From listening to music to reading books, the way we enjoy media has absolutely transformed since the advent of the web: keep on reading to learn more about this event in the assorted sectors.

On the subject of the evolution of media through ages, the one player that has been around for the longest time is probably the written word: from the first cases of printing to digital news presently, it is a well suited example of evolution of media. The latest advancement in this industry regards the publishing domain, as digital formats for books are growing in popularity due to their convenience and ease of storage and transport: for someone going on holiday, or on their journey to work, it will be much easier to carry one device that contains multiple books, rather than three or four volumes. Figures in the related industry, like Raffaello Avanzini, are well aware of this phenomenon, but there is still a major portion of men and women who prefer the feel of paper.

One among the main players in the evolution of mass media has certainly been the tv sector: just ten years ago, it would have been normal to turn on a television at a certain time and wait for one’s favourite program to come on, watching through regular advertisement breaks. Presently, for the younger generations, this medium of consuming media may seem entirely outdated, as most young adults retrieve their content at any time from any device with a steady internet connection. While platforms that are completely based online are quite popular, traditional media outlet have likewise expanded into the internet domain, with pursuing figures in the industry such as Alex Mahon certainly admiring the promise of this brand-new format. The introduction of streaming platforms that allow viewers to consume content at whatever time is useful is possibly one of the milestones in media evolution today.

In the history of traditional media, listening to music is frequently overlooked; however, it has been a steady pastime for many hundreds of years, and there have always been individuals appreciating the numerous music genres across eras. Even so, the music itself has not been the only thing to grow over time: the way it is consumed has transformed considerably, too. While for most of the previous century individuals would listen to a specific recording at a time, whether on a vinyl or on an mp3 player, presently it is more common for listeners to opt for playlists on internet based platforms, a significant modification in the timeline of media technology: this implies that men and women are trusting said platforms to advise music they may like based on their previous listens, and may discover brand-new artists without having to buy their complete album. People who are involved in the music trade, like Vincent Bolloré, are likely to be knowledgeable about the potential of this brand new way of listening to music and how it will alter the whole marketing associated with it.

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